Diesel Generator-Set for Electric Power supply

Product HS code for import custom use: 85023900

We supply diesel generator for small agricultural machines to facilitate the users to set up their own electrical supply system in those areas without electricity supply or short of electricity supply.

Our generating units are usually consists of two parts, one is diesel engine, which is to convert the oil/gas resources into kinetic energy, the other is alternator, which is to convert the kinetic energy into transmittable electrical energy. The combination of these two parts can be considered a small power station.

It should be noted that diesel generators are using 3-phases Alternating Current for power output. Depends on exact situation you need to load appliances on one of the 3-phases evenly. What is more, in calculating the loading power, the rated power on dataplate should not be used as single-phase power, usually the 3-phases power is 1.732 times as the single-phase power.

Based on different power requirements, we divided our generator models into 3 groups:

  • - 3~20KW Electric start diesel generator
  • - 3~20KW Manual start diesel generator
  • - 25~100KW Electric start diesel generator

Note: For different noise control requirements, generators can be designed as open-frame type or silent type.

Parameters of generator from different groups can be found easily in below data tables, please click on the links below to select the models you are interested in.

3~20KW electric-start Generator

3~20KW manual-start Generator

25~100KW electric-start Generator